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Snowy Mountains Readers Writers Festival

About Us

Who we are are what we’re doing

The Objects of the Snowy Mountains Readers Writers Festival Inc.

    1. To organize and host an ongoing Snowy Mountains Reader Writers Festival based in Jindabyne and involving different venues in the Snowy Mountains region
    2. To organise stimulating and varied literary and art events involving authors, poets, artists and illustrators throughout the Festival, engaging all ages and covering a wide range of topics including celebration of our multicultural society, aboriginal heritage and iconic region.
    3. To organize and host other literary and cultural events in support of the Festival and other literary aims.


Seeking to:

    • Develop cultural networks and opportunities
    • Engage the whole of the community
    • Demonstrate the art and craft of books and writing and images and illustrations in general
    • Celebrate the words, images, ideas and language reflecting the great literary heritage of the Snowy Mountain environment; and
    • Enhance the cultural well being of our community into the future.
    • Assist ongoing economic and social development within the region and increase opportunities for employment and professional development of authors, writers and artists​



    • Independent action
    • Development of relationships with other bodies, community groups, businesses and government.



Applying for incorporation

The Organising Committee of the Snowy Mountains Readers Writers Festival held a public meeting on 13 June at Horizons Resort as a preliminary to applying for incorporation. The meeting approved the application, adopted the model constitution set out by NSW Fair Trading and elected office bearers.

Elected were: President, Helen Besestri, Vice-presidents, Philip Rack and Judith Batson, Hon. Secretary, Lil Harding, Hon. Assistant Secretary, Judy Young, Hon Treasurer, David Bigwood.