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Creative Contributions

This page is dedicated to the writing of our interested members and guests. Thank You for allowing us to share your wonderful words. (Published with permission of the writers.)



Unified Spirits

United in unconditional love,

neither demanding,

but giving,

each to the other,

each recognising

the others needs,



united spirits

soaring as eagles

above the deceptions,

of greed




united spirits

united with the Prime Creator,

bound as one,

but free,

I wait

knowing you are there

to complement

the design

© Angel John Gallard (Gura-dyarralang) 8-8-03


You have to have a strong Constitution

to stay alive in this World,

my Ancestors had a strong Constitution

Australia wide,

all of our people embraced this Constitution

because it came from the Source

it was the Indigenous Constitution

which embraced sustainability,

sharing and caring,

for country,

for one another

our Creator

for we are all part of the Whole.

Our Constitution stood us well

in the test of time and was honoured by all

till 1788,

after that there was an ignorance

our Constitution ignored.

A new Constitution was superimposed

a new format to dismiss the Sovereign

guidelines of our Ancestral Creator,

the new Constitution simply dismissed us

as heathen savages.

There was no room for people who cared

for Country,

who shared and cared for one another

who lived sustainably

who had no gaols

who had a moral code that honoured everything

who had great integrity and a sense of justice

unequated on Earth.

there was no room in the superimposition

for the children of the Light,

there was only room for exploitation

there was only room for greed

for corruption of the Ancient Standards

of the Source.

©Gura- dyarralang (Angel John Gallard) Ngarigo Elder 15.2.12